St. Louis Basement Pros

St. Louis Basement Pros

Sagging Floor

This is a warning sign of a serious structural problem that will need to be taken care of immediately before the damage gets worse. The surface you walk on should be level, safe, and secure. Any dips or noticeable sinking are issues that point to a problem with the crawl space down below.

Whenever you don't have the area beneath your home properly encapsulated (sealed) off from the outside environment, it can let in a lot of moisture and excessive humidity. When this happens, it's only a matter of time before the moisture in the soil and in the air start to cause damage to wooden materials, including support beams, posts, and floor joists. Damage here is what will cause you to notice that something isn't quite right when walking across the floor.

Crawl Space Stabilizer

St. Louis Basement Pros can install The PowerPost from Nash Distribution which will provide the strength and stability needed to raise the first floor of your home back to the level where it needs to be. Our techs will be able to determine how many posts are needed, and where they should be installed based on where the damage is located with the wooden materials.


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Basement Waterproofing & Crawl Space Repair in Freeburg, IL
They waterproofed my crawl space and encapsulated the entire crawl space. They used excellent quality materials and completed the job on time. The staff were organized and knowledgeable in all details of the job. The crew arrived on site on time as promised. They reviewed the crawl space area and ...