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St. Louis Basement Pros

Sump Pumps

This waterproofing product can be seen in many basements in both newer and older homes. Unfortunately, as time goes on, the pump can become weak and unable to support the amount of moisture that is coming into the basin. Also, it is not uncommon for some contractors to install improperly-sized units that are not the right capacity for the home's seepage problems. Poor evaluation of a home's needs could leave you with a pump that wears out prematurely, or a flooded space!

The purpose of this device is to collect water from interior or exterior drainage systems, including French drains, and push it out to a suitable location far enough away from the home's foundation so that it can't easily get back inside again to cause problems.

Older homes may have an exterior drainage system that is connected directly with the sewer line, and over time, this can create problems for the line if it clogs or if the materials used for its construction start to deteriorate into the earth.

Replacement and Installation

At St. Louis Basement Pros, we can provide you with a replacement unit, along with fast and affordable installation services. The set up work involves the following:grate sump pump

  • Removal of any pre-existing under/non preforming system
  • Analysis of wall-to-floor integrity
  • Integration of exterior wall draining system
  • Complete plumbing service for sump pump(s)
  • Re-concrete using premium materials

We can also install a back-up unit that will be activated if the primary pump fails, or if the home loses electricity.



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Sump Pump in Smithton, IL

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