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This is a white, chalky substance that can be found on basement walls. It isn't dangerous to humans, as is the case with mold growth (which may look the same). Seeing the problem usually indicated that there is a moisture issue beneath the home. The seepage is likely making its way inside via damaged areas in the concrete of the foundation wall. As the water leaks inside, it starts to evaporate from the surface and it leaves behind a white mineral deposit. Eventually, this moisture can start to damage other areas of the space beneath your home, including wooden supports, floor joists, and anything you may have stored here. It may also spark the development of dangerous mold and bacteria which could make your family sick.

Crack Repair and Exterior Membranes

Crack Repair and Exterior Waterproofing

To take care of the problem, St. Louis Basement Pros can fill in and seal wall or floor cracks after first repairing the initial cause of the issue. We can also apply an exterior waterproofing membrane to the outside of your foundation wall. This is a dimpled surface which will collect seepage from around the home, and it will send it into a sump pump system where the moisture where eventually be sent out to a safe distance away.


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