St. Louis Basement Pros

St. Louis Basement Pros

Pipe Penetration

Gas, water, and sewer lines have pipes that go in and out of your basement walls. The point at which the lines enter the walls have a seal around them that is added during the time of construction. As time goes on, this seal can become weak, and moisture from the soil outside the wall can seep inside. Additionally, if the pipe cracks in the wall, water will be able to get inside through this area, as well. In fact, studies have indicated that these areas are often the weakest spots on a foundation/basement wall.

Epoxy Injection

To take care of the problem and prevent seepage, St. Louis Basement Pros can re-fill the area where the seal was initially with epoxy material. The material will cure and harden quickly, putting a stop to moisture intrusion once and for all.

This solution has proven to be much more effective than trying to use caulk or cement as epoxy is a much stronger material.

With a dry basement, you will be able to safely use the area for storage, or you may consider finishing the area.


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